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The November Theater Company



R-S Theatrics and November Theater seek 11-13 talented musician/actors of ALL ethnicities for this musical production. 

WHERE:                   COCA
DATE:                       June 12, 2021
TIME:                        9 am – 4 pm
DETAILS:                  Please sign up for an audition slot at

CALLBACKS:            COCA - June 26, 2021 (time to be announced)

Performances are Thursday, March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day) through Sunday, March 20 and Thursday, March 24 through Sunday, March 27, 2022.  

There will be at least 8 performances, with an additional 2 optional Saturday matinees depending on audience demand. 

Regular rehearsals will commence in early January 2022.  There will be at least two, and potentially more if needed, familiarity rehearsals for all performers in Fall 2021, which will be scheduled based upon cast availability.  

Tech week rehearsals will be Saturday through Thursday, March 12-16, 2022.  A brush-up rehearsal will be held on Wednesday, March 23, 2022.  If you are unable to make the mandatory tech week rehearsals and/or brush-up rehearsal, we will be unable to cast you in the production. 

Please note: Performers in Once will receive a modest stipend.  

As always, and for the life of R-S Theatrics, we seek to cast all productions with a diverse group of performers who accurately reflect the world in which we live.  While characters will be portrayed as described by the creators in their casting breakdown, we strive for our collaborators on-and off-stage to represent the full spectrum of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religious affiliation, and physical or mental ability. We employ qualified fight choreographers and intimacy directors and are in the process of Missouri ArtSafe COVID safety certification.



Please bring to auditions your résumé and headshot (if you don’t have one, don’t worry, an application will be available and your photo will be taken), along with a list of conflicts from November 2021 through to the run of the show. 

In addition to your résumé, you may provide links to videos of you playing an instrument, including band reels and other promotional material.   

Please prepare a short folk/rock song in the style of the show.  You may be asked to read sides from the script at the audition.

Playing an instrument is not necessarily a requirement to audition for this show.  If you are able, please prepare to accompany yourself on the instrument on which you are most proficient. If you do not play an instrument, we will have an accompanist available so that you may sing.  However, please come with sheet music clearly marked for the accompanist.  

The parts of Guy and Girl, and their understudies, require proficiency on the guitar and piano respectively. 

Individuals auditioning must bring any instrument(s) they intend to play for the audition.  

If you play any of the instruments listed below, please ensure your résumé accurately reflects your skills and proficiency.  

Guitar (several), piano, violin/fiddle (2), cello, bass, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, accordion and concertina, harmonica, percussion.


Guy meets Girl. But in ONCE, a romantic musical based on the award-winning 2006 film, what follows is not a traditional love story. Guy, a heartbroken musician busking for coins on the streets of Dublin, meets Girl, a Czech immigrant with a complicated history. Despite their differences, Guy and Girl find common ground in a genuine love of creating music together. With a cast of musician-actors who accompany themselves on the folk-rock score, ONCE is a uniquely theatrical experience.


If possible, all actors in the cast of ONCE will play at least one instrument. However, some instrumentation in this production could change from what is reflected in the Broadway production. For example, Andrej usually plays the bass and Svec usually plays drums. This could be reversed in this production, depending on the performers. 

GIRL, Female, 20-35, mezzo soprano; direct, intelligent, no nonsense and witty. Should have something ‘other’ about her. Has had to work hard at life but does not think she deserves any sympathy. Girl has emotionally intimate moments and kisses Guy. Must play the piano and sing well. Czech accent.   

GUY, Male, 30-39, baritone; a busker who, after suffering a painful breakup, has decided to give up on his music and has resigned himself to living a life as a vacuum machine repairman living alone above his dad's shop; brooding and charismatic. Must play the guitar and sing well.  Guy has emotionally intimate moments and kisses Girl.  Irish accent.   

BILLY, Male, 30-49, baritone. Owner of the music store where Girl plays piano. Loud, funny and protective of Girl but also has a vulnerability. Must play guitar.  Irish accent.  (If following the original production casting, Billy also plays ukelele, cajón, snare drum)  
REZA, Female, 25-35, Soprano; a funny, smart Czech girl. Often a bit larger than life. Ability to play violin/fiddle is a strong bonus. Czech accent.  

BARUSKA, Female, 45+, alto; mother of Girl. A cool but caring Czech mother who likes a full house and full stomachs. Not many inhibitions. Ability to play the accordion/concertina and piano is a strong bonus.  Strong Czech accent.  (If following the original production casting, Baruska plays piano, accordion, concertina, tambourine, melodica).   

BANK MANAGER, Male or Female, 30-49, tenor/alto; seems quite prim and proper but has a secret passion for music. Strong preference for performer who can play and sing guitar & cello well. Irish (Cork) accent.   

DA, Male, 50+, baritone; Guy's dad. A man of few words, but a lovely and caring father. Ability to play guitar, ukulele, mandolin as strong bonus. Strong Irish accent.   

SVEC, Male, 20-45, baritone; a real odd ball. Loves television and coffee. Playing guitar & drum kit well is a plus. Czech accent.  (If following the original production casting, Svec plays banjo, guitar, mandolin, drum set)  

ANDREJ, Male, 20-35, baritone; earnest and kind. An employee at a fast food chain, but has big dreams. Ability to play guitar & bass guitar very well a bonus. Czech accent.  (If following the original production casting, Andrej plays electric bass, ukelele, tambourine, cajon, guitar)  

EAMON, Male, 20-49, baritone; the music studio manager where Guy and Girl record their album. A tough nut to crack but eventually gives into the musician’s talents. Ability to play guitar & piano is a strong plus. (If following the original production casting, Eamon plays guitar, piano, melodica and harmonica). Irish accent.

EMCEE, Male or Female, 20-49, baritone/alto; the emcee at a bar. A good-natured ball buster. Ability to play guitar & piano is a plus. Irish accent.   

EX-GIRLFRIEND, Female, 20-39, mezzo-soprano; Guy's ex-girlfriend who now lives in New York. Kind, lovely and likeable. Ability to play violin/fiddle well is a strong plus. Irish accent.   

IVANKA, Female. 7-10, mezzo-soprano; the sweet-natured daughter of Girl, should be comfortable on stage and have the ability to sing.